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For many years I wanted to work in your country, I know by FIFA that you are the right person for that achievement so I send CV, giving guarantee of sportive success, elevating the level of soccer and generate money

Yours faithfully
Carlos Cavagnaro

Carlos Cavagnaro

Personal details
Name: Carlos Cavagnaro
Nationality: Argentinian – Italian
Personal ID: C.I. Nº 7.946.620
Telephone numbers:
Mobile: 00549-11-15-30209333
Home number: 00542262427586
Fax: 02262425378





Personal Information
Former player at Club Atlético Velez Sarsfield; from Argentina
Was the youngest coach in the history of professional soccer; coaching first division teams (1969 – Argentinos Juniors; from Argentina)
· Soccer coach graduated in Argentina (AFA, Asociacion del Futbol Argentino)
· Oficial referee, graduated in Mexico (by Diego Di Leo and Javier Arriaga)
· Soccer coach graduated in England (English Federation of Football)
· Sports journalist graduated in Argentina
· French culture course at La Sorbonne (Paris, France)
Courses in charge
· Courses for the Organization of American States (OAS)
· Seminars director in different international universities
· Courses in three different continents

Conference at the Egyptian Football Federation, local technicians Cairo 2007
conference at the Technical Association of Greek local technicians 2003
Several conferences in central America and the U.S.

He owns a Higher Education Institute in Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina. SEE

2009 -2015 Coaching UAC and in charge of their teams and was and advisor and counselor of differents Clubs.
Also was a consultant of the current president of AFA Luis Segura

· Spanish; Italian; Portuguese; French; English
History as a Soccer Coach
1st Division teams and above
Argentinos Juniors
Ferrocarril Oeste
Círculo Italiano Atlético Regina
Vélez Sarsfield
Racing Club
Union de Santa Fé
Defensores de Belgrano
El Porvenir
Estudiantes de Buenos Aires
Chacarita Juniors



Universidad Autónoma (Pumas)


National Teams
El Salvador
Guatemal (twice)

Luis Segura President AFA
Diego Maradona
José Pekerman
Carlos Bianchi

Rafael Salguero FIFA Members

Certifications that are annexed
1. The Argentina Chancellery received note of recognition of the O.A.S. to Carlos Cavagnaro after dictating advanced training courses in the United States, as well as a vote of applause in the plenary one of the O.A.S. before the Argentine ambassador before the O.A.S. Prats Gay.

2. Civil employees, employees and embassies of 22 countries distinguish to Carlos Cavagnaro like testimony of gratefulness by their collaboration in all the countries that homenajeaban it.

3. Note of the Ministry of Outer Relations and Cult relative to the designation of Carlos Cavagnaro in a mission of cooperation with the Caribbean anglófono in Saint Christopher & Nevis, remembering the satisfactory results highly in previous missions.

4. Note of the Commission of Deportes of the Honorable Senate of the Nation leaving certainty of the mission of Carlos Cavagnaro in the Republic of Grenada supported by the O.A.S.

5. Letter of the National Federation of Soccer of Panama certificando the dictation on the part of Carlos Cavagnaro of a Course for Trainers of Soccer as well as a cycle of clinics supported by the National Institute of Deportes, the Olympic Committee of Panama and the National Federation of Soccer of Panama, where it has been designated based on his professional and human performance like life president of the federation of that country.

6. Telegram of Mr. Prats Gay and Novillo Saravia before the O.A.S. expressing the interest Saint Christopher & Nevis to contract a technical director for technical qualification in that sport and recommending the work made by Carlos Cavagnaro.

7. Letter of the Ministry of Outer Relations and Cult Dante Caputo to Mr. Primer Minister of Saint Christopher & Nevis, emphasizing and recommending the work of Carlos Cavagnaro in that and other countries. Its mission in that and other countries influenced in extreme degree in the election of the Dante Caputo like main of the O.A.S.

8. Letter of the Minister of Education of Saint Christopher & Nevis asking for it extension of estadía in that country, emphasizing that he has been a great ambassador and causing a seen impact never in those latitudes, winning in respect and the popularity between its inhabitants, surpassing the barriers of the sport.

9. Letter of the Argentine ambassador in the Philippines to the Ministry of Outer Relations Domingo Cavallo soliciing the extension of estadía of Carlos Cavagnaro in that country as a result of a requested express of the Philippine authorities.

10. Certification of the Federation of Soccer of the Philippines emphasizing the work of Carlos Cavagnaro.

11. The Department of Youth and Sport of the Ministry of Education of Grenada greets to Carlos Cavagnaro emphasizing its exceptional work.

12. Letter of the Representative of the Organization of American States in Saint Christopher & Nevis emphasizing the great success by Carlos Cavagnaro in its sport work in that country as well as in the great hearing obtained in its radial programming.

13. Letter of the Main League Intercolegial and Universitaria of the United States inviting to Carlos Cavagnaro to that country within the framework of a program of cultural interchange.

14. Note of the Direction of Schools of the province of Buenos Aires qualifying the Cavagnaro School (primary, secondary and with university extension) emphasizing the trajectory and the international antecedents of Carlos Cavagnaro.

15. Agreement of the Independent Sport Confederation of Guatemala granting the sport medal, maximum award of the national sport, to Carlos Cavagnaro.

16. Note of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Grenada reiterating the congratulations by the extraordinary work and considering its task like of an outstanding ambassador.

17. Note of the representative of the O.A.S. in the Republic of Grenada emphasizing the work of Carlos Cavagnaro and insisting on the two temporary extensions of its original mission, infrequent thing and never Vista before, putting record of which its mission has been the one of an outstanding ambassador.

18. Diploma of the Mexican United States to Carlos Cavagnaro by its high spirit of collaboration in cultural, sport, recreational tasks and of familiar unit.


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